Mines of Dalarnia Opens Signup Period for Land Sale

Mines of Dalarnia is preparing for its 2.0 version launch in April. Land sales open for Mining Ape NFT owners, public land sale coming soon.

Mines of Dalarnia, an early-stage mine and survive game, has opened an exclusive land sale signup, running the initial stage until March 14. The metaverse land plot sale is open to Mining Ape NFT holders, and have a requisite deposit of 100 DAR tokens. 

To deposit DAR and prove ownership of a Mining Ape, the land sale page requires a MetaMask connection. DAR is a token based on Binance Smart Chain, with 38,138 owners and a total supply of 160M. 

Land Owners Accrue DAR Rewards

Land owners will have future benefits from their metaverse plots, potentially lending them out to other players. Mining Apes have been distributed earlier, but can be acquired on OpenSea for those that did not participate in the early mints. Mining Apes have a secondary market with 0.345 ETH current floor price.

A DAR deposit will cost $67 at the current price of $0.67 for 1 DAR. After the initial proof of deposit, all participants will receive tickets to bid for land plots.

Mines of Dalarnia aims to make DAR return to the in-game economy. Land owners will earn DAR from mining taxes or renting. Players will earn DAR for their skill, and use it for staking, to level up the character or buy oxygen, the game’s energy source.

Mines of Dalarnia Tests New Pre-Launch Version

Mines of Dalarnia recently finished an alpha test. In February, the game also launched a new version on testnet. 

Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 is accessible on Binance Smart Chain testnet, and comes with a complete graphics overhaul. 

Initially, the game team intended to launch a mainnet version toward the end of March, but a delay of a few weeks is expected. In the meantime, the game is also preparing for a public mining lot sale, not tied to NFT ownership.

Mines of Dalarnia is currently gathering feedback to incorporate into its 2.0 Mainnet Launch. The game will also hold a special airdrop for the testers of the 1.0 version.

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