Mines of Dalarnia Restarts Servers, Multiplayer Active for Ape Holders

Mines of Dalarnia is focusing on the game after first promoting its MIning Ape and pickaxe NFT.
  • Mines of Dalarnia focuses on game development after spending months in pre-launch NFT stage.
  • The game will test multiplayer with up to 5 participants and a new lobby.
  • Whitelisted players need to set a MetaMask wallet to BSC Testnet to try the new multiplayer feature.

Mines of Dalarnia, the mining and maze game, is now in limited multiplayer node. In the past week, the game restarted its servers and brought its new version. Players that own Mining Apes can access the Multiplayer version on testnet. 


For now, the multiplayer mode is limited to a few whitelisted players and based on NFT ownership. In January, Mines of Dalarnia had a snapshot event to count the Mining Apes held in wallets and determine which players would be admitted to Satellite Lounge, the multiplayer game lobby.

The current testnet multiplayer will be the first live test, after a previous series of internal tests for the game. Mines of Dalarnia will ask players for feedback on the lobby features, and will probably release the multiplayer mode for up to five players in 2023. The current test requires access to Binance Smart Chain testnet, with test BNB and DAR. Players need to hold Mining Apes in their MetaMask wallet and connect it to BSC Testnet. 

The addition of multiplayer tests arrives at a time when Mines of Dalarnia is trying to put its game as a priority, due to lower interest in Mining Ape NFT and the DAR token. Mines of Dalarnia still draws in more than 100 player interactions with the blockchain every day, based on DappRadar data tracking. 

Mines of Dalarnia Focuses on Game as Assets Remain Under Pressure

DAR is one of the few tokens to rally in the past month, recovering from lows of $0.10 up to $0.15. However, Mines of Dalarnia is still not sustainable, especially comparing the initial NFT prices with the current earnings potential. For that reason, Mines of Dalarnia is also trying to build up its free-to-play experience, with recently added monsters and more complex maze generation. 

Despite some setbacks, Mining Apes have been one of the more active NFT collections, serving to draw attention to the game. Currently, Apes are on offer at 0.074 ETH, though some of the sales may go lower. Apes still accrued 1,509 ETH in total trades over the collection’s lifetime.

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