Moon Strike Prepares for Open Tournament from October 4

Moon Strike is an AAA-grade multiplayer with resource-gathering and a science fiction space theme.

Moon Strike went game-first, with AAA-grade exploration multiplayer.

The game partners with ImmutableX for low-cost NFT minting.

Whitelist open for upcoming NFT collection, signup until October 21.

Moon Strike extends the trend of new games gaining immediate attention. This time, the reason is an upcoming open tournament that will seal the position of Moon Strike as one of the P2E games to watch in 2022. 

Moon Strike is a multiplayer game with base building and resource gameplay. The project spent a long time in development, due to its ambition to create a highly completed AAA-game. Now, Moon Strike is finally at the stage of organizing a testing tournament with short-term earnings.

The first tournament will run from October 4 to October 7, and will offer a glimpse at the space exploration game and resource-based planet metaverse. 

Moon Strike Prepares for NFT Mint

Moon Strike is one of the games to offer its 3D world before launching its NFT collection. For now, the game has hinted at ownership, without adding an overhyped NFT collection. 

The goal of Moon Strike is to attract gamers first, hence the drive to gain as many early testers as possible. Moon Strike will be presented among Rainmaker Games, exposing it to gamers that are ready to try Web3 games, but also want a free opportunity. 

Moon Strike is also building up its presence on the Fractal hub, where other recently launched P2E games like Ev.IO are also trending. 

Additionally, Moon Strike has earned a Microsoft Azure development grant. To get on top of its blockchain costs, the game will use ImmutableX, a Layer 2 solution, for its NFT mint and future NFT transfers. 

Moon Strike was also one of the games to join relatively late, arriving in 2022 while the P2E market was slowing down for token earnings. But Moon Strike aims to build its presence by going game-first. 
For those that want a larger share of the game, Moon Strike is also opening a whitelisting opportunity for its early mint stage. The registration phase will run until October 21. A total of 5,555 NFT will be minted, at a price of 0.15 ETH.

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