Ev.IO Boosts Player Count with New Tournament

Ev.IO is one of the high-profile games with a Web3 component using the Solana network.
  • Ev.IO only has an off-chain asset, “e”, only accrued within the game, which can be swapped for SOL.
  • Regular tournaments announced with additional earning opportunities.
  • Ev.IO aims to offer Web3 without pressure and keeps NFT cheap and earnings relatively low.

Ev.IO is getting a boost on its player count, adding to its reputation as one of the busiest games on the Solana network. A new tournament launched last weekend additionally boosted the influence of Ev.IO. 

Recently, the game invited players to its first Community Map, open for content creation and a metaverse experience. The game’s battle style is inspired by Halo and Destiny, with PvE, PvP mode, and exclusive and private events. 

Ev.IO is also free-to-play, and this is where the game gathers most of its players. Its Solana smart contract activity is still slower, mostly linked with NFT campaigns or sporadic on-chain activity.

The game also holds weekly tournaments, announced through its social media. The game is also active on Telegram, with NFT giveaways linked to profile activities. 


Ev.IO is a first-person shooter (FPS) game, which aims to give value to the time spent within the game. The Ev.IO world allows for advertisers to put up bounties and prizes, rewarding every minute of playing time. The game is open to anyone, but owning an NFT is the ticket to the game’s full play-to-earn potential. All Web3 components in Ev.IO are only added as an expansion, with the fun and competitive gameplay being the main driver. 

Players Earn SOL for Battles

The game uses SOL for its earnings, a well-established and liquid token native to the Solana network. SOL trades at $33.09 and retains its spot among the top 10 crypto coins and tokens.

Within the game, Ev.IO uses an off-chain token, called simply “e”. Each time a player wins a match, they will gain e tokens. Later, when accumulating more in-game rewards, at least 1,000 e, those can be converted to SOL. 

Earning e is relatively slow and may require thousands of matches to win 1 SOL. Skins, weapons and other NFT are valuable within the game, but not ranked high among the most active collections. Ev.IO aims to keep its earnings relatively small, to focus on its features resembling a Web2 game.

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