ImmutableX Now Offers Polygon-Based Building Tools

ImmutableX offers scalable NFT minting with no gas fees.
  • ImmutableX joined forces with Polygon to offer building blocks for Web3 games.
  • ImmutableX remains one of the go-to solutions for Web3 onboarding.
  • The hub offers grants for developers in addition to liquidity and a technological stack.

ImmutableX is expanding its influence, after becoming one of the best L2 solutions for Ethereum. Now, ImmutableX extends its scalable services to Polygon, offering another toolset for Web3 builders.

Polygon remains inherently compatible with Ethereum, and adds to the long list of L2 solutions. This allows Web3 builders to deploy on Ethereum, while avoiding high gas fees. Building Web3 features on Ethereum adds access to liquidity, as well as wallet infrastructure. The Ethereum community is also well-used to NFT ownership and trading. ImmutableX also gained exposure by carrying the NFT collection of GameStop.

ImmutableX Remains Oriented to Developers

ImmutableX extends its services to Web2 projects as well, offering free NFT mints, a trading platform and more for mainstream gamers and app users. The focus of ImmutableX on NFT is also shifting, and the platform aims to become a provider of solutions for onboarding to Web3 games. 

ImmutableX has opened a special hub for Web3 developers, and is a provider of Unreal SDK for complex 3D games.The approach of ImmutableX includes both the blockchain technology and infrastructure, as well as trading and price discovery mechanisms with additional liquidity.

ImmutableX aims to bring down the time of Web3 game minting to a few weeks, while offering scalable NFT creation for collections and in-game items. 

One of the advantages of ImmutableX for Web3 developers is the presence of a fully integrated technological package. Additionally, ImmutableX has grants for promising gaming projects to boost NFT creation and general Web3 integration. 

Additionally, ImmutableX taps into a wider pool of games where Polygon is the potential network of choice.

Currently, ImmutableX is also helping the Web3 space with more integration instead of competition. Polygon already carries both large-scale and grass-roots games, and ImmutableX has drawn in games like Illuvium with rich 3D gameplay.

ImmutableX is also taking care of a large community, reporting one million involved users and social media supporters. Choosing ImmutableX is a source of exposure for Web3 gaming projects.

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