New Idle Game Sheep Land Opens Referral Contest with Rewards

Sheep Land has created another version of the Sheep Farm game, both launching days away from each other, with passive income in BNB tokens.
  • Sheep Land must not be confused for Sheep Farm, a mobile game with P2E and a similar model.
  • Sheep Land requires a sheep purchase before playing.
  • Players can monetize their rewards through BNB tokens.

Sheep Land is a fully launched game with an economy based on simulated farming. Those games proved a popular gateway to Web3, riding on the success of similar Web2 games. Now, Sheep Land is offering a short-term referral program, with rewards for the top most active participants.

The contest is running until November 20, offering a pool of BNB tokens for the top spots.

In the past couple of weeks, Sheep Land also built up its player base, starting from zero at the end of October and at above 200 players per day in mid-November. Sheep Land also entered the top 100 games of BNB Chain, and shows signs of expanding further. 

Sheep Land, Sheep Farm Compete for Passive Farming Game Market

Sheep Land is one of the new games with no free version. The game’s goal is to start with buying a sheep and produce wool, the game’s main asset.

Sheep Land, however, also looks like a copycat game, with different graphics. Another recently launched game, Sheep Farm, offers a similar passive income approach through idle play. The game looks very similar, and also launched this November 10.

Both Sheep Land and Sheep Farm seem to offer a new model of GameFi, which aims to be sustainable by offering a sheep NFT. However, Sheep Farm has one advantage, an app already active on Google Play, with more than 100K downloads. Sheep Land is available through a browser, requiring a MetaMask extension to connect.

Players will need some BNB tokens to buy Sheep Coin and get their first sheep. When they sell the wool, they receive Cash, an in-game asset. Cash can then be swapped commission-free for BNB, which is liquidly traded on most exchanges.

Both games ride on the trend of idle farming apps, but try to leverage the value of BNB tokens. The games are a return to a very basic play-to-earn model, but with the goal of achieving sustainable results. The games offer time restraints, and in the case of Sheep Land, earnings are based on the value of a land plot.

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