OpBNB: Airdrop Live, Bringing L2 to BNB Chain

BNBChain remains a leading solution for GameFi and Web3 gaming, hoping for a revival of new projects with free transactions.
  • OpBNB activated a token airdrop for eligible wallets.
  • The new L2 network already hosts the Burger Cities Web3 game.
  • OpBNB extends the potential of BNB Chain with the potential for no-fee transactions.

OpBNB is another attempt to speed up and revive the potential for Web3 features. The new network will work as Layer 2, handling BNB Chain transactions with greater speed and negligible cost. This approach, taken by ImmutableX and Polygon, was one of the keys to scaling Ethereum.

BNB Chain remains one of the venues for Web3 games and NFT collections. 

OpBNB finished its testnet stage, while opening a new opportunity for an airdrop for eligible users. 


Owners of BNB Chain wallets may be eligible for OpBNB airdrop tokens. The project has provided instructions through its official link, for all wallet owners to connect their MetaMask account on BNB Chain. 


OpBNB is already hosting its first Web3 games, starting with Burger Cities. The Burger Cities game, launched August 28, is a one-stop-shop game-fi with added metaverse features. 

Burger Cities is already into its campaign to sell game passes, active until September 11. 


Currently, OpBNB remains untracked, while still onboarding users. The OpBNB token is already starting tentative trading, valued at $0.01.The token will serve as utility, earnings mechanism, gas fee token, and potentially as an in-game reward.

As of September 2023, OpBNB depends only on a single liquidity pair on PancapeSwap. Even at the early airdrop stages, OpBNB already enlisted more than 1,500 holders. The Binance ecosystem also aims to rediscover its potential as a Web3 hub with new tokens and layers, while Binance is winding down its BUSD stablecoin. 

BNB Chain Remains Top Choice for Web3 Tokens, NFT

BNB Chain is a blockchain platform developed by Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike many other blockchains, BNB Chain is designed with a singular focus on providing a seamless and efficient platform for building decentralized applications (DApps) and digital assets.

What sets BNB Chain apart is its compatibility with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing easy asset migration and cross-chain functionality. The Binance ecosystem remains sound, despite the fluctuations during a protracted sideways crypto market.

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