P2E Horror: Top Games for Shocker, Survivals and Horror-Style with NFT

Horror games offer a new niche for builders, picking Solana and Cardano to create spooky metaverses and RPG.

Horror and shocker games picked up in fame for the mainstream, with dark survivor RPG like Granny. Poppy Playtime and its shock attacks, as well as uncanny characters, are setting a new pace for games. 

The horror genre has several uncanny equivalents among P2E offers, ranging from mini games to immersive haunted house metaverses. Here are the top horror-style games to watch in 2022.

The Asylum Horror Metaverse

This game offers an immersive first-person experience with an uncanny atmosphere. To unlock the mysteries of horror, only 500 NFT keys to Asylum Rooms will exist, opening exclusive discoveries for a few players. 

The game’s visuals feature dark corridors and jump-scares. The game has a two-token model, using DUST to upgrade Keys NFT, and FEAR as an in-game reward token. Asylum is based on the Solana blockchain.

Killer Clubhouse

Killer Clubhouse is an upcoming house-exploration horror game. This game is not yet ready for testing, but stands out for being one of the early adopters of the Cardano platform


The game is still in pre-development, and its site will not reveal much. However, Killer Clubhouse is worth watching for its promised NFT collection, which may be announced in the coming months. 

Fear: Horror NFT Game

Fear is more than one game, but instead aims to be a hub for multiple horror-themed offers. The initial game, Whack Your Undead Neighbor, appeared in 2021 as free-to-play. Later, the Fear platform launched FEAR token, which could be shared between games. This asset uses Ethereum and BSC and is different from the Solana-based FEAR token of The Asylum game. 

The Fear Hub is now offering access to a series of horror-themed games.

The Fear game hub will bring in a new shocker, ARAYA, as well as The Crypt and Blood Games coming toward the end of 2022. The Fear Wolf game is currently in its public sale NFT stage.

As with other game styles, these new games will tweak the P2E model and offer more staking opportunities and in-game NFT. The FEAR token has been trading since the summer of 2021 and is present on KuCoin and other major exchanges, making the Fear NFT hub the most promising one for new game opportunities and early buying calls. 

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