Puli Runner: Live Game Now with Special Daily Rewards

Puli Runner is growing its adoption through social media, offering daily boosters, coins and other rewards.
  • Puli Runner uses a well-loved Web2 model with an endless runner mobile app.
  • PULI tokens are diminishing in supply through regular burns.
  • The game is available for free, with perks for NFT owners.

Puli Runner is a game that has already hit its stride, with a live mobile version. Now, the game is popularizing its PULI token and adding small daily perks and rewards. Puli Runner is aiming for sustainable user engagement on top of the highly successful formula of an endless runner game. 

Puli Runner has a competitive feature, as well as a beat your own score approach, which keeps players engaged. The chief source of growth is the new mobile app, with around 1K reported downloads so far. Puli Runner is mostly an off-chain game, hence the fewer interactions on BNB Chain.

Puli Runner also offers a mix of coins, boosters and Puli points for daily engagement. The main gameplay has been optimized to be accessible for skilled gameplay, though without impossible levels or pay-to-win. 

Puli Runner extends the model of obstacle courses and coin collection, adding its Puli creatures for variety and a unique art style. 

PULI Gets Tax-Free Buying Event

The Puli Runner game anniversary also coincided with a recent tax-free event on acquiring PULI tokens. The asset can be used within the Puli ecosystem to acquire NFT, upgrades and other items. PULI tokens are now held both within game wallets and within 7,684 wallets on BSC. 


PULI is at $0.0083 and is relatively accessible for those that want to explore the game’s NFT. The asset is used within the Puli Astro and Puli Degens game. Puli Runner has not given up on its tokenomics model despite the prolonged pressure on the crypto market. PULI is also an asset with regular token burns, starting at 100M tokens and whittling down the supply to 86M tokens and a constant trend to diminish.

Puli Runner NFT are still scarce, with the 2,000 item initial collection. Owners can also expect additional perks and prizes from the game. The Runner creatures are trading on OpenSea with limited listings and asking prices around 0.05 ETH. Most are held closely by owners and early buyers.

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