Puli Runner Extends Portfolio of PULI Token Games

Puli Runner aims to bring wide adoption, while offering a full package of P2E services.
  • Puli Runner is the first live game of the Puliverse.
  • PULI tokens and NFT can be staked, but the game remains free to start.
  • PULI tokens were briefly frozen after a BNB Chain hack, but none were stolen.

Puli Runner is one of the main mobile casual games in the PULI token ecosystem. The project mixes a strong basis of super-casual gaming with a universal token, to be used across many games. Puli Runner is just a week old and now aims to grow its user base. 


The game is attractive for offering daily perks and giveaways, and there is instant access as iOS or Android app. The game is free to start, though players can compete for a high score and token rewards. Puli Runner is part of the Puliverse, with two more gaming and GameFi apps in testing. 


This makes Puli Runner the flagman game of the Puliverse, with 1K downloads registered in its first week after launch. 

Puli Faces Trading Delay from BNB Chain Hack

PULI token started trading in early 2022, as part of the Puliverse. The asset uses BNB Chain, and is part of the wider Binance ecosystem. PULI currently trades at $0.011, down from a peak of $0.11, erasing 90% of its value comparable to other P2E tokens. 

PULI still uses decentralized trading for price discovery, with limited listings. As of October 7, PULI trading was also briefly stopped due to a recently discovered attack against the BNB Chain ecosystem. 


BNB Chain was briefly stopped to solve the exploit, which used vulnerabilities in a BNB Chain bridge. Bridge attacks remain one of the major risks for P2E games that use tokens. So far, no PULI has been affected, though the token was inactive while BNB Chain was down.
One of the drawbacks of Puli Runner are the extremely rare NFT items. The collection is limited to 2,000 playable avatars, which ask as much as 6.2 ETH. The NFT can be staked for additional passive income. The PULI token can also be staked for extra rewards. The game offers multiple holding incentives, hence the credibility of the game against rug pulls and rapid selling.

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