Puli Runner Now on Apple Store, New DeFi Features for $PULI Token

PULI tokens participate in DeFi, and can be traded through PancakeSwap.

Puli Runner is aiming to gain traction with Apple App Store listing.

The game combines a successful Web2 model with Web3 ownership.

Pulli Degens is in the making, to offer nostalgic RPG with rewards.

Puli Runner is one of the successful Web3 games, which recently gained access to Apple’s App Store. The game uses a simple but successful model for an endless runner game, with added NFT ownership. 


Puli Runner targets several communities, including NFT traders. The game itself aims for a fun-first mobile experience. At the same time, the $PULI token is taking care of the game’s DeFi side. 

Puli Runner is still building up its player base, with around 1K downloads for the Android version. The game still has relatively few on-chain transactions, though Puli Runner still stands among prominent Web3 games with a successful model. Puli Runner aims to bring regular small updates and special items to keep players engaged.

One of the appealing features of Puli Runner is the chance to win multiple in-game rewards, performance boosters, as well as PULI tokens. The PULI token is found in 7,607 addresses on Binance Smart Chain, signaling mid-range adoption.

Puli Runner Still Supports NFT Mints, Token Swaps

Puli Runner also continues to mint its core NFT collection of 2,000 playable Dog Avatars. The mint page is active, and the items are mintable for ETH. Auctions are also ongoing, with some of the most expensive avatars reaching 5 ETH. Some of the Pulli Runners are also available through OpenSea. The game’s NFT can be used to collect prizes, but also for staking. For now, the game is not oversupplied with tradable Dogs.

Puli Runner remains the flagman game of the brand. Other mini-games include the Puli Astro space shooter game, and the upcoming Puli Degens. The Puli Degens game is still in the pre-launch phase, but will aim to bring a nostalgic RPG with pixel art. The goal is to have a fun game with added incentives and rewards. 

The Puli franchise also offers a visualization tool for its GameFi side. Bubblemaps is a feature tracking the PULI token and its biggest wallets, offering a visual preview into the complexities of the blockchain. The game’s website also offers a native swap page, where players can buy or sell PULI tokens.

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