Crabada Game Partners with Chainlink for Fair Randomization

Crabada aims to move to a more player-centric game with a challenging Battle Mode progress.
  • Crabada may revive the Lucky Draw feature.
  • Battle Game now with TUS rewards, difficult levels to encourage human play.
  • CRA stabilizes at $0.017, TUS down under a penny still.

Play Crabada, still among the hottest games on Avalanche blockchain, is partnering with Chainlink for its game-specific oracle services. Crabada will integrate VRF, a fair random number generator, and Keepers, to ensure the safety and fairness of its smart contracts. 

Chainlink will assist Crabada in its weekly Lucky Draw event for NFT. In the coming weeks, Crabada may also partner with other games that would want to organize NFT giveaways. The Crabada community is also preparing for the renewal of the Lucky Draw, an event that could boost the game’s appeal. 

What Chainlink’s technology will do is to ensure that the weekly Lucky Draw event will happen completely automated, yet while ensuring the event is not exploited. The smart contract will distribute the NFT based on a verified random selection, and proof of the random draw will be available on-chain. Additionally, Chainlink Keeper will select random nodes to launch and stop the Lucky Draw and avoid unintended smart contract consequences.

Crabada Aims to Regain Players, Value

Crabada is slowly regaining its players after the Swimmer Network migration a month ago. DappRadar has signalled that currently, gathering data from Swimmer Network is more complicated and the tracking of Crabada players is impossible. 

As an Avalanche game, Crabada reached 10K players per day and was among the top gas burners on the network. Currently, there are more than 20K new wallets created on the network, with only a few players remaining on Avalanche to use the AVAX-versions of CRA and TUS. 

Crabada is now aiming to boost its battle game participation, with highly competitive levels only reached by a handful of players. At the same time, more players are gearing up their teams to join the Battle Mode game.

CRA stabilized around $0.017, while TUS is down to $0.0007 despite the increased burn demands. Crabada is trying to shift its token balance from rapid TUS generation and selling to a multi-level advancement for Battle Crabs.

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