REVV Motorsport Unveils Details on F1® Delta Time NFT Swap

Despite their legendary status, the NFT from F1® Delta Time will be partially burned or replaced. Car images can be preserved as collectibles.
  • Items will be swapped for equal value tires or equipment.
  • Branded cars can be replaced with REVV Racing cars of similar rarity.
  • REVV price slides to $0.03 since November peak above $0.45.

The abrupt removal of F1® Delta Time from the NFT space left owners of valuable assets with a new choice. The game, using the F1® brand, would become part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. 

REVV Motorsport, one of the NFT simulated racing games developed by Animoca Brands, worked to offer alternatives to the former owners of F1® Delta Time cars. In 2021, those NFT were among the most valuable, with some unique items fetching prices in the millions. Sales for some of the rare edition cars were close to 100 ETH. The collection is still represented on OpenSea, though the items will be rebranded and changed, as suggested earlier by REVV Motorsport.

Former Owners can Swap, Transform or Keep Old NFT for Collection

Three options will be available for car and item NFT owners. They can divest their cars and receive Race Passes, to participate in high-earnings staking programs. The swapping process is not automated and will require a deliberate transaction to burn the old assets. 

Tires, equipment and other small items can be swapped for similar value on the REVV Motorsport game. Owners can also choose to keep their cars and use them elsewhere or as collectible NFT. The REVV Motorsport team is still working for a compensation in that scenario. 

Car owners will be airdropped a new set of cars with different designs, but the rarity attributes will match those of the original collection dating back to 2019.

Unopened game passes and mystery boxes can be swapped for new assets which can be staked and accrue Shards (SHRD).

Owners of the old game are advised to only send NFT to the official address, using the direct address. In the future, the REVV Motorsport website will also build a swapping hub, but the Ethereum address will remain the same. 

How REVV Racing is Performing

REVV Racing is currently ranked 37 on the Polygon blockchain. The game had a few thousand users, but fell off to a few hundred as interest in token rewards diminished. REVV, the game’s native token, fell from a local high above $0.45 down to $0.03, cutting into the game’s earnings potential. 

REVV Racing has similar features to Pegaxy, using simulated stadiums and car features to construct its leaderboards. The game is in the middle of a series of competitions with various racing conditions.

NFT items only saw 323 ETH in trades, and a floor price under 0.001 ETH. Still, the game is one of the more prominent brands among P2E and may find a new balance with support from Animoca Brands.

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