Revv Racing by Animoca Brands Brings Security Upgrade for Fair Game

Revv Racing may benefit from the recent acquisition of Eden Games, a studio with a track record of successful simulated racing games.

Revv Racing, one of the most promising racing games by Animoca Brands combining skills and racing simulation through NFT features, encountered the bane of P2E games. Because of the relatively predictable game rules, Revv Racing saw signs of exploits through multi-accounting and setting up the leaderboards. 

Revv Racing underscores the interest of Animoca Brands in racing simulations. On Tuesday, Animoca Brands confirmed the 100% acquisition of Eden Games, a development studio known for Need for Speed and other car-themed games. 

The game reports thousands of races each day, where evidence needs data-gathering to fish out the multi-accounting users. 

The problem is similar to the one affecting Axie Infinity and other idle games. There is no automated tool to curb exploiters, and Revv Racing has established a bounty for players that notice suspicious behavior. The game works on a blacklisting feature and will preview wallets with suspicious activity. 

REVV Token Trades Near Lows

The REVV native token has been in a constant slide since its November 2021 peak above $0.42. REVV is at $0.08, close to its lows from 2021. The asset has been volatile, moving between highs above $0.65 and lows under $0.10 throughout its trading history. 

REVV is gaining liquidity from KuCoin and Huobi Global, two major exchanges tapping trading demand in Southeast Asia. The token is one example where liquidity precedes game adoption. 

How Revv Game is Developing

Revv Racing recently absorbed F1 Delta Time, a game inspired by Formula One that could not renew its license. The game exchanged the rare and common NFTs with cars suitable for Revv Racing. 

Revv Racing is ranked at number 13 among Polygon apps, with around 1,600 players per day. The game has the potential to rival Pegaxy, which uses a similar simulated racing model. 

The game is just popular enough to invite scammers. Recently, Animoca Brands warned of a Discord invitation to buy unauthorized assets.

Revv Racing only uses OpenSea for its official car listings. Currently, the cars have a floor price of 0.001 ETH, with 163.9K owners. This game is just one of the offers from Animoca Brands, developing a bit more slowly with a game-first approach and the goal to achieve a fair game without bots or malicious actors.

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