REVV Racing Holds Halloween Event with Special Car Collections

REVV Racing offers a skill-based racing simulation with exclusive leaderboard competitions.
  • REVV Racing is becoming more accessible due to low fees on Polygon.
  • The game helps attract attention to other Animoca Brands products.
  • REVV Racing offers regular exclusive competition events.

REVV Racing has a few more hours left of its special Halloween event with a 100-player leaderboard. The event is for KYC-completed profiles in the game, with access to a special collection of horror-themed cars. The leaderboards are still open for any contestants aiming to race the Joey Logano Grand Prix track in reverse. Players can also race the Hong Kong track, a newly introduced venue.

The event is part of the usual approach of REVV Racing to organize weekend tournaments or other short-term leaderboards. Currently, REVV Racing is relatively accessible, with car NFT on offer at 59 REVV.

With the REVV token trading at $0.017, a starter car or even a higher rarity NFT is much more feasible. But REVV Racing is always trying to push its game first, as part of the Animoca Brands collection. 

But the game is also putting emphasis on its NFT series, trying to give special utility to some of the cars. Specific sub-collections will become tickets to special racing events.

REVV Racing sees an outflow of users, with fewer than 200 players per day in the past couple of months. However, the game holds more than $51M in asset balance, due to staking and the value of some of the top NFT. 

REVV Racing Now Available with Lower Fees, Low-Cost NFT

At the current stage, REVV Racing is also fully launched on Polygon and will not require significantly high gas fees. For new players, some MATIC may still be required to cover transfers. 

REVV Racing has a free version with test laps, available to anyone. However, for about two months, REVV Racing requires account creation and verification, similar to using cryptocurrency exchanges. Only verified players can compete for prize pools and join other racers.

REVV Racing is one of the relatively long-lived games, which has survived the bear market. Despite migrating to Polygon, the game still requires some knowledge of buying and transfering crypto assets. REVV Racing also held the record for peak NFT valuations in 2021, and attracted attention to other Animoca Brands games.

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