Ronin (RON) Introduces Fees for Active Axie Infinity Transactions

Axie Infinity Origin entered maintenance mode to improve match fairness and implement anti-bot blocks.
  • Using RON for fees may increase demand and market prices.
  • Ronin revealed compromised Sky Mavis employee was at the core of the RON-ETH bridge exploit.
  • Axie Origin shut down for maintenance in drive for fairer game.

The Ronin network is ending the period of limitless free transactions for players of Axie Infinity. Free transactions for Axies and AXS and SLP tokens aimed to encourage the migration to Ronin, as Ethereum fees were curbing the game’s growth. 

The update will arrive later today and may take a while to reflect in RON Market prices. The available transactions will be tiered and based on the type of Axie NFTs held in the wallet. Free RON transactions will also be available for metaverse land plot owners.

Currently, there is RON sitting on the sidelines as it was generated from liquidity mining earlier in 2022. RON started trading on the Katana exchange, and was used as reward token for users locking in Wrapped ETH (WETH), AXS and SLP tokens.

RON trades at $1.11, after weeks of sliding from a peak near $3. The expectations for RON was to reach a much higher price, but the recent exploit on the Ronin-ETH bridge hurt the asset, although it was not targeted directly.

Ronin Team Increases Safeguard Procedures

The Ronin network remains safe, and the team recently put up an analysis of the hack with the goal of never repeating it again. At the heart of the exploit was a compromised employee of Sky Mavis, no longer working at the company.

Through that weak spot, the attacker gained access to the gas-free server for the bridge, and secured another signature, enough to achieve a valid transaction.

Ronin Network will increase its validator node count to 21 in the short term and to 100 in the future, forestalling similar attacks. Additionally, to erase human error, the team will review its internal procedures. 

Axie Origin Goes for Maintenance

Axie Origin, the new game now open for free-to-play, entered maintenance mode this Thursday to fix additional features. Origin launched on time, but will go through many changes until adding leaderboards. The goal is to have Origin replace Axie Infinity as a new P2E game with similar features.

The new game will aim for fairer matches requiring more thought and skill, instead of match fixing and deploying bots.

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