Shark Race: New NFT Game Prepares for IDO

Shark Race is a developing NFT game on Binance Smart Chain, preparind for IDO and NFT mint in May.
  • Players create their own Sharks with rare features and compete to establish exclusive NFTs.
  • IDO coming soon, Shark Race will announce dates and platform.
  • Gameplay completed by July, leagues expected in September.

Shark Race is a new trending P2E startup, using the model of an NFT collection and a subsequent game. Shark Race came to the front on heightened social media activity, on expectations of the new launch. 

While still in development, Shark Race may hit its milestones soon. The potential earnings after an IDO and early NFT collection release may attract the first early adopters. Shark Race aims for a high-end visual impression, hiring skilled illustrators from the gaming and animation industry.

The game plans to build a multi-mode gameplay which will involve the Shark NFTs. The native SHRK token will be used within the game for upgrades and rewards. 

What Makes Shark Race Unique

The Shark Race NFT collection will issue a total of 20,001 Sharks, creating initial scarcity. Then, there will be a Rarity Upgrade feature. Usually, NFT collections will gain their features and accessories from an automated process. But Shark Race has prepared edit option, in which NFT buyers can form the esthetic of their character. 

Shark avatars will be outfitted with wearables and items, to participate in a Rarity Contest. After the contest and voting, the most rare and valuable NFTs will be established and retain their last fixed form. Players will be able to purchase the traits and compete during a five-week period.

Shark Race has opened mechanisms to buy NFT early, by whitelisting for the presale or buying an early mint pass.

Events are coming fast for Shark Race, with early closed beta testing expected in May. The NFT sale is scheduled for May as well. The actual Shark Race game may arrive in the third quarter, with full P2E and guilds after September 2022. The game ecosystem will continue with upgrades, staking options, as well as new NFT collections.

Shark Race will use Binance Smart Chain for its mints, and plans to build a whole 3D ecosystem with metaverse functions.

At this stage, the game also offers a $300 value pack with NFT, minting options and lifetime perks within the game.

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