Shatterpoint: Watch Out for This Game Entering the Influencer Stage

Shatterpoint is still in the making, backed by experienced game and blockchain studios with a great track record.
  • Watch this game in pre-launch stage for ambassador program and perks.
  • Off-chain tokens will offer limited trading, main game economy will center on NFT.
  • Shatterpoint will restart game achievement after the end of each season.

Shatterpoint is now trending as an upcoming NFT game still in development. After two skipped months, Shatterpoint released another update on its development activity.

Shatterpoint noted its latest activities included security updates on the backend, as well as game balancing. The next month may boost this game’s presence, as the team will present a more detailed roadmap launch. 

The game will soon start an ambassador campaign, encouraging referrals and raising awareness. For now, Shatterpoint has stopped its free gift campaign, but the game is worth watching in the coming weeks for new additions and opportunities. 

What Makes Shatterpoint Different

Shatterpoint’s distinguishing trait is that it wants to introduce a skill-based RPG with own-to-earn model. For all players, Shatterpoint can start as a free game, with the option to craft NFT and increase ownership as the game progresses.

The other big difference in Shatterpoint is that all of its content will be seasonal. During the active season, players will accrue XP and items to advance in the game. But only those that minted their Hero as an NFT will be able to roll over Runes, XP and other items.

Shatterpoint Pushes Strong Incentive to Mint NFT

For the rest, the game’s universe will go through a Shattering event, destroying all game assets and starting anew in the next season. Some of the in-game items and rewards will be limited to one season only, offering a level of rarity. All NFT in the game will be tradable and will be central to the game’s economy. The QUA token will be off-chain, and an upcoming SHA asset will offer only limited trading and monetization. 

Players will be able to mint heroes, and craftable items, while also earning Quantus tokens. For now, the game has not released any assets and has not sold any NFT collections. 

Shatterpoint is built in partnership with Estoty, a European mobile game studio. The coming NFT game is a part of a larger portfolio with more than 1.5B reported downloads. The game’s blockchain component and popularization will be driven by Block Games, a publishing studio with a mission to achieve Web3 mass adoption.

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