Chainmonsters Offers Game World Glimpse with New Demo

Chainmonsters will always have a free version, but with ownership options.
  • Chainmonsters aims to launch full version in February 2023.
  • Demo release sparked activity on NFT smart contracts.
  • Chainmonsters will offer a detailed metaverse world with collectible creatures.

Chainmonsters, one of the games inspired by Axie Infinity, is getting closer to opening up its world to players. The game is now at the demo version stage, after running for months as an NFT project.

The demo led to 1.61K users registered in the game, based on DappRadar data. The game is still in its early stages, though it had several spikes in activity based on token and NFT usage. The game’s creatures and stickers are just breaking out on OpenSea, and the game’s native marketplace is still under maintenance. 

Chainmonsters released some glimpses into its gameplay in the summer, but this is its first test run among gamers on Steam and other mobile platforms. 

Chainmonsters Offers Mobile Access

The current demo game is available to start for free, through Steam, iOS or as an Android game. Chainmonsters still plans to release the full game in February 2023, based on its Steam profile info. But the demo remains an encouraging milestone that the project is moving ahead. 

The demo still allows for some in-game achievements as they are expected to arrive in the full game.

The game’s goal is to explore the metaverse land of Ancora, through the eyes of one of the playable NFT heroes. In each game, players must collect and train Chainmonsters. Players can craft, upgrade and train Chainmons to achieve higher ranking on the leaderboards, once the game enters the competitive stage. Additionally, new NFT monsters will be generated in the game. 

Chainmonsters is one of the rare games using the Flow blockchain, as a faster tool for microtransactions. However, running a Flow wallet is not obligatory, and the game will always remain play-and-earn and play-to-own. The game is also designed with a smooth progress arc and no needs to buy items and progress. 

Formerly, players had to buy NFT to gain access to the early closed alpha stage. Despite the free mode, ownership will remain important on Chainmonsters, with value attached to the NFT.

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