Summoners Arena Closes In on New Campaign, November 15 Event to be Announced

Summoners Arena offers idle battle mode, with card-picking strategy to build the best team of 5 NFT Heroes.
  • Summoners Arena offers fast-paced matches based on drawing NFT Hero Cards.
  • Summoners Arena will hold a new mint event to receive free limited access tokens.
  • The game has a live Android app with more than 10K downloads.

Summoners Arena, one of the leading Web3 and P2E battle games, is closing in on its next active campaign. The game offers an idle RPG with progress and resource ownership. The game also attracted attention with regular drops and mystery box events. 

Now, Summoners Arena is preparing for a bigger announcement, hinting at another large-scale event coming November 15.

The game team has hinted at some form of lucky draw to distribute more of the game’s resources. Summoners Arena aims to distribute resources freely and boost the appeal of its mobile app. The game already has 10K downloads on its Android version, a first step for Web3 games with an already built viable product.

Summoners Arena Brings Another Minting Event

Despite its free access, Summoners Arena also tries to incorporate NFT. Now, another minting event will be open until December 10, for a limited collection of access tokens, or OATs. 

Powered by Galxe, the campaign will mint up to 5,000 tokens with extra perks in upcoming events and tournaments.

The tokens are available for a series of social media tasks and the creation of a Galxe account. The event is part of the series of incentives in the game, offering free mints to onboard traditional mobile gamers into Web3 ownership.

The NFT events and special activity boost Summoners Arena to 200 interactions with smart contracts each day. It is possible even more gameplays happen without transfers to and from BNB Chain.

Summoners Arena Offers Fast-Paced Arena Gameplay

Summoners Arena uses a simple but successful PvP model based on arena battles. A similar model has brought success for games like Crabada, Axie Infinity, and is at the heart of TimeShuffle. 

For Summoners Arena, players draw cards to fill up five slots in their team’s arena side. The goal is to use the best attacks and defenses to vanquish the opponent. The game offers mystery boxes and special items, some of which add advantages or resistance against attacks.

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