Crabada Completes Upgrade of Battle Game, Prepares for Hard Mode on Adventure

Crabada draws in around 4K daily players, with more interest in its daily Lucky Draw.
  • Crabada will add daily challenges to the Battle game, to drive user engagement.
  • TUS transfers from Swimmer Network back to Avalanche C-Chain remain more expensive.
  • Adventure mode players try to compete for level 100.

Crabada, one of the most active Avalanche ecosystem games, has added another version of its Battle Game. The updates will be available from November 2, offering special daily quests to boost engagement.

Crabada has moved on to arena and battle mode as its major drivers of success, after disabling the initial idle game. With the current rules, Crabada managed to drive out bots, while still retaining more than 4,000 users per day. 

The game is also building up its appeal with Adventure Mode, the exploration game with extra challenges. This game has attracted more than 24K players, and the main driver is the competition to reach and conquer higher levels. At the moment, level 100 has been claimed by around 80 accounts only.

Crabada is also marking increased interest in its daily Lucky Draw, where Crabs of varying levels of rarity are gifted each day. 

Crabada Here to Stay Despite Lower Token Valuations

Crabada is trying to rebalance its internal economy, despite the still relatively low prices of CRA and TUS. 

Players now compete for Gold Under Sea (GUS), while TUS is getting burned as fast as possible. TUS will also remain in use as a reward token for node operators. 

Crabada is one of the games to start out as pure P2E and move on to offer a more sustainable model. With Swimmer Network, Crabada is also becoming a small hub for games, with the addition of Snake City.

Crabada also tries to keep most players on Swimmer Network, including any tokens earned. TUS tokens can be bridged between Avalanche C-Chain and Swimmer Network, but the fees to go back to C-Chain are much higher. 

Any attempt to move TUS back to C-Chain has a fee of 1,700 TUS, which may discourage some of the players. However, this will ease the selling pressure on TUS and keep the asset within the game. One of the potential uses is to try and breed Crabs, seeking both experimental or pure combinations.

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