Sunflower Farmers Prepares for Relaunch as Sunflower Land on April 7

Sunflower Land will offer a bigger map and incentives to reinvest game rewards.
  • Open beta signup open now.
  • Early miners will have advantages in resource generation.
  • SFL tokens, game items can be swapped for more valuable NFTs.

This April 7, Sunflower Land will relaunch as the continuation of the Sunflower Farmers game. For more than two months, the game was frozen along with its token, due to an exploit in crafting items. For that reason, item crafting mechanics will be disabled in the new game.

The countdown to the official launch is on, and there are 100K spots available for the game’s discord community. The Discord server has upward of 66K participants, with more expected as the game launch approaches. The Beta registration is also open through the game’s website.

Early farmers will have an advantage in mining resources. To avoid flooding the market with SFF tokens, Sunflower Land will have a new scarcity mechanism. Instead of selling SFL tokens, players can wait until the token has higher purchasing power for important items in the game, e.g. beetroots. 

To mop up resources, players must burn some of the more ubiquitous items to craft or create more rare or higher-level objects. The game will offer 70 types of NFT with real use cases. Occasionally, there will be exclusive item sales, so players are advised to hold onto their diamonds for the opportunity to buy valuable NFTs.

This time, the game wants to achieve varied and lucrative P2E strategies, while avoiding a bot-infested game where items were over-crafted.

Sunflower Farmers was in the top 5 of Polygon-based games. The project still logs thousands of users per day, expecting growth after the beta launch.

What’s New in Sunflower Land

The land map will be expanded with more digital ownership opportunities. Beekeeping will be part of the gameplay, as well as farmer characters NFTs. All of those additions will arrive at a future stage. 

Sunflower Land also plans governance mechanisms and the creation of a DAO.

The game also involves obstacles in the forms of goblins walking around the terrain. The game will start with woodchopping, farming, mining and crafting mechanics. The game will also launch SFL, its new native token, with multiple uses such as a wishing well to burn tokens and receive mystery rewards.

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