Sunflower Land: This P2E Game is Planning a Big Return

Sunflower Land aims to relaunch and regain its reputation and value after a massive bot exploit.

Sunflower Land was one of the most active P2E farming games, before a resource mining exploit made the game unplayable. The team stopped the game and crafter a plan to reimburse resources, both in the form of NFT and reward tokens. 

The chief reason for the restart was the creation of excessive pickaxe NFTs, which in the end wrecked the balance of the game economy. 

Recently, the game team called back its community through Discord, for a chance to win early placement once the game relaunches.

So far, there is no date on the actual launch of a new playable beta. The initial relaunch will involve 1,000 testers who will also be rewarded with early gains. 

But Sunflower Land also teased the features of its new game – mining will be released sooner than expected. 

The game is still in a limited closed beta stage, and recently the game team announced the last stages of testing have been reached. The game is ready with new servers, and will soon open the beta version for a wider community.

Sunflower Land Token Coming Back on Polygon

To relaunch its token, Sunflower Land has chosen the Polygon network. Polygon is becoming more dominant on the P2E stage, carrying prominent games like Pegaxy

The previous SFF token crashed to one cent from a peak at $5, and has lost almost all activity while the game stalled. 

The new SFL asset will re-launch on Polygon in April, as announced a couple of weeks ago. 

The Sunflower Land game was met with some skepticism in the past, especially due to its volatile token. Users also found signs of bot usage and automated wallet generation. 

The new game will face the challenge of rebuilding the reputation of the token and the game, while also encouraging real gameplay and achieving sufficient P2E income. During its stint on the Ethereum network, the game was also hindered by high gas fees, which were uncompetitive for players.

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