Sunflower Land Brings New Class of Token, Hints at Mass Open Launch

Sunflower Land SFL token remains at $0.11 as few players want to monetize the asset and there is no selling pressure.
  • Sunflower Land prepares to end the Goblin Wars and propose the next challenge.
  • The game introduces items that can both be owned and sold as semi-fungible tokens.
  • Sunflower Land aims to become an open sandbox world, going beyond the current beta.

Sunflower Land will introduce a new type of token, a Semi-Fungible Token, to represent its clothing and accessory items. This is part of the game’s drive to build the first Dynamic NFT avatars, which change with game progression. 

The game team is currently testing Bumpkin designs and upgrades, to make the game’s farmer characters more fun. Bumpkin clothes can be crafted or earned, then sold by the players. A semi-fungible token means more than one copy of the item may exist. 

The in-game items will not only have cosmetic value but also work to boost performance, similar to amulets or some of the game’s land decorations. 

Will Sunflower Land Open Up its World

Sunflower Land has made most of its progress in the beta sandbox stage. The game limited itself to issuing 150,000 farms, plus an extension of 1,500 farms. The account limit has been reached recently, and players must wait until November for the next extension.

Goblin Wars End, Game Prepares for the Next Challenge

The number of accounts means 3.85K players per day visit the game and interact on Polygon. Sunflower Land is one of the successful experiments of organic growth for a P2E game, which thrived even during the bear market. 

The game’s SFL token is at $0.11, and has not been strip-mined from the game. Instead, SFL is circled back to acquire more valuable crafted items. SFL also moves within the game and is used for advancements, as players are not that interested in trading their rewards. 

Sunflower Land was also successful with a $5 account creation fee and $1 for withdrawing assets. The game’s farms also avoided the abuse of NFT collections, and will now have a two-week cooldown period before they can be resold. 

The game’s Goblin Wars will end soon, and open a new stage of challenges and game developments. The end goal is to see Sunflower Land become a growing metaverse with no limits to account creation, but also real organic growth. Players will need to build up their land, which will be one of the main resource sinks.

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