Sunflower Land to Offer New Accounts in November

Sunflower Land aims to bring organic growth and user engagement, while discouraging token and SFL flipping.
  • Sunflower Land prepares to add more verified players in another NFT expansion round this November.
  • Bumpkin avatars start testing for editing, looks and accessories.
  • The game has highly active off-chain trade.

Sunflower Land has already passed out all NFT, as announced by the game’s team. While on OpenSea all listed farms are 151,500, the team noted that finally, all freely available farms were minted and owned. 

Sunflower Land aims to achieve one farm per wallet with Discord verification, to ensure access to as many individual players as possible. The current NFT farm mint was the sandbox Beta stage of the game, with the goal of creating an open game for anyone to start. 

Sunflower Land usually announces a batch of farms to be minted after verification, with two additional small events in the past months when the game offered 1,000 and another 500 accounts, which were slowly taken over the course of a couple of months. 

The new farm expansion arrives after Sunflower Land introduced a cooldown period to resell a farm on OpenSea. This tool aims to prevent using the game as an NFT financial product, and instead seeing the technology as a tool for digital ownership.

Sunflower Land Still Driven by the Community

Sunflower Land is currently testing its Bumpkin Editing capacity, with the potential to generate unique characters. Bumpkins can be changed and eventually exported as NFT.

Sunflower Land’s team is always reaching out to the community and boosting the game’s organic adoption. Engagement is one of the reasons Sunflower Land still has 5.45K players per day and is among top Polygon apps. 

Additionally, the game sees significant off-chain trading within the game, for both common and rare items. Those trading statistics are also community-tracked and offer a glimpse into the game’s growing economy. 

Currently, the game is still in the Goblin Wars challenge, with about four more weeks left. After that, the team will work on testing Land Expansion and Dynamic NFT avatars. 

The SFL token is stable at $0.11, and still gives the basis for predictable earnings from reselling resources or crafted items. For now, Sunflower Land sees interest in cosmetic farm items, specialty Cakes, but also overproduced everyday crops.

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