Sunflower Land: Chicken Gameplay is Here, Get Mutants for More Fun

Sunflower Land remains top Polygon game, despite keeping most assets within the game.
  • Side quests and NFT goal lists keep users engaged.
  • SFL token gains listing to CoinCheck.
  • Chickens arrive as scheduled, offering chance of spawning rare mutant.

Sunflower Land tries to preserve its player count, still logging more than 14K daily players. The latest addition to the game, chickens, offers a new tool for crop turnover. Chickens also offer rare item status after adding mutant variations.

All chicken mobs on Sunflower Land have the ability to produce rare Mutant Chickens with extra features. In its current state, the game grows slowly, with just above 144K farms created and listed on OpenSea. Sunflower Land may expand farm creation in the future, but for now remains a conservative game, interested in building up an internal economy of resource creation and crafting. The game is appealing enough to become one of the top 10 games for all blockchains in terms of weekly user count. 

For all its simplicity, Sunflower Land is still the leading game on Polygon, ahead of older P2E games like Pegaxy. But Sunflower Land has not yet adopted the more aggressive P2E model with regular payouts, instead most SFL get returned to produce more valuable items. The game also engages players toward a task of acquiring a series of NFT. 

The secondary market for those NFT is still small, with only around 100 items on OpenSea and very tentative trading activity. 

SFL Token Slow to Gain Listings

SFL remains relatively stable at $0.16, mostly due to remaining within the game and having very limited trading on outside exchanges. SFL has an internal value logic where over a period of time, the ability to buy assets would be halved, similar to a Bitcoin halving. 

SFL has almost no tracked activity on QuickSwap, but gained a recent listing on CoinEx. 

The Sunflower Land team is not pushing for the token’s listings and adoption for now. This leaves the game protected from direct exploitation for resources. Instead, players hang around for new side quests and challenges, as well as unexpected plot twists and side quest guides.

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