Sunflower Land: Crafting, SFL Launch Dates Coming Soon

Sunflower Land climbed near the top of Polygon apps only a week after relaunching.
  • SFL Token to start trading after May 9.
  • Game team looks at potential cases of unfair farm minting.

Sunflower Land is moving fast. Just days after landing the number 2 spot of Polygon apps, the rebranded game added dates for crafting mechanics. The native SFL token, which is already awarded to players within the games, will also be minted on the blockchain and start trading.

At the current stage, SFL is accrued in the game and is used to upgrade some items or buy seeds. Crafting is also a slow mechanic, taking hours or days to move from one resource to a rare item. The end game is that rare items will also work as NFTs, locking in the time poured into the game. 

Crafting will include Tier 2 items, rare items and community-built special items. Along with the crafting mechanic, players will be able to withdraw their item balances as NFT and list them on OpenSea. All craftable items add to the game’s progress, but can also fetch direct resale income.

Farms Grow Rapidly Just a Week After Launch

Within days of its launch, Sunflower Land already had 21.72K users, with almost constant daily growth. The addictive game follows the recipe of simulated farming, with several strategies based on crops or resources already bringing complexity to each new land plot. The game is played on a growing list of farms, with 69.7K plots listed on OpenSea

The game is extremely popular, leading to suggestions for a relaunch on Avalanche, where P2E games recently started forming their communities.

The number of farms grew by doubling almost daily, raising questions on how many plots could be minted by new players. Sunflower Land only released 100K slots to play its current Open Beta, of which the active number of players does not match the number of farms. It remains to be seen if all farm minting is entirely orbanic.

The farms were minted less than a week after the launch of the new game version. Despite the Discord verification, Sunflower Land is still suspecting potential for bot activity and aims to limit farm creation to avoid exploits and a flooded market with no buyers.

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