Top 3 Play to Earn Games on Avalanche

Which games made it to the top among distributed apps on the Avalanche C-Chain?
  • Crabada: biggest gas user on Avalanche C-Chain.
  • Pizza Game revives Cookie Clicker with NFT farming.
  • Avaxtars long-term plans envision multi-chain P2E game.

The Avalanche network has set up an environment for NFT issues and P2E games. Avalanche started out 2022 with a small number of games, but with a trend to quickly add new offerings. Avalanche is attractive for P2E games due to its low transaction fee structure on the dedicated C-Chain. 

Additionally, Avalanche hosts multiple side projects that help with the initial sale, curation, resale and marketing for NFT items and games. This sets up a thriving ecosystem away from the usual Ethereum-based NFT scene, where new games test out a faster network. 

We tracked the top games arriving to Avalanche and the source of their success. 

Top game: Crabada

Crabada started as an idle automated game with battle options, offering a full P2E economy with two reward tokens, CRA and TUS, special Amulet tokens (CRAM) and NFT crabs. The game has not held special breeding events or other mints, hence there are around 17,000 possible crab teams. 

Crabada aims to evolve similar to Axie Infinity, with higher token liquidity and player growth. In time, the game will also launch skilled play and try to counteract bots. Crabada ranked as high as position 24 among the most active games.

Rising Star: Pizza Game

Pizza Game started with the minting of 10,000 Chef NFTs, which are the main game characters. The game idea is a revival of the Cookie Clicker game, with added features based on the qualities of Chef NFTs.

The game’s idea is simple – place the chef in the pizzeria, and mint PIZZA tokens. But there are upgrades and catches along the way. Essentially, Pizza Game is a form of GameFi, with NFT staking. The qualities and rare features of the chef, as well as any equipped items, help boost the minting of PIZZA tokens. The tokens can be staked again for passive income and additional rewards.

Avaxtars: Metaverse Gameplay, Avatars, Equipment and GameFi

Avaxtars is offering an economy built on NFTs. This game calls for an initial outlay to buy Gen 0 Avaxtars and breed them, thus generating additional reward tokens. Avaxtars is just starting out as one of the games to turn the boring Avalanche DeFi potential into a game. 

In Q2, 2022, Avaxtars planned to introduce PvP mechanics and an NFT-based battle pass system. The final goal is to add guilds, skilled games and to make Avaxtars a multi-chain environment.

Beyond the top 3 games on Avalanche, most other P2E environments only gather a few dozen players each day. The state of the Avalanche network in Q2, 2022 saw Crabada as the main user of gas on C-Chain. Play2Moon will watch the Avalanche space and report new notable games showing up, such as Ascenders, an AAA-grade type game that launched its early test and demo version, in preparation for launching the first C-Chain-based AGC tokens.

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