Sunflower Land Drops First Semi-Fungible Clothing Items

In-game clothes are semi-fungible, creating a limited series run of the same model.
  • New batch of T-shirt drops will be announced this Thursday.
  • Sunflower Land opens Halloween-themed challenge, players need to grow pumpkins.
  • SFL token rallies to $0.13 as Bumpkin clothes mints burn some of the supply.

Sunflower Land showed great success with its Bumpkins mint. More than 10K new NFT were minted in the frst day. Bumpkins are free to mint for all farm holders. But another item has been added to the game – a new T-shirt with a swag logo. The item can also be minted and equipped from October 27.

Sunflower Land switched to fast-tracked drops, with a countdown to all new items. A new batch of T-Shirt tokens is coming later on Thursday. The mints also helped to boost the user count to 7.91K players per day, almost doubling overnight. All Sunflower Land accounts belong to verified players, and the interest in new avatars and clothing is linked to real persons, showing one of the most successful approaches to a Web3 game. 

Additionally, the game has added new October-themed NFT, which can be crafted in the game. Already, 200 of those items were created. 

The new challenge in the game is to plant pumpkins and craft rare Halloween-themed items to decorate farms. Sunflower Land has also seen a community effort to craft the decorations.

While not all NFT created in the game have peak value, there is also a small grass-roots secondary market, and in-game trades also swap resources and items for SFL. For some of the items and Bumpkin designs, the game team has also tapped the work of artists from the community, speeding up game additions. 

Craftable Items Keep Working as SFL Sink

The cosmetic items have varied levels of rarity and players may choose to resell them. Clothing items and swag will have a different feature – all SFL used to purchase them will be burned. For now, the game manages to keep a balance on SFL production by offering multiple sinks, while slowing the SFL reward schedule. 

For instance, when the game started, one Sunflower sold for 0.02 SFL, while the price has dropped to 0.0005 SFL or lower. This has kept the price of SFL relatively flat and without selling pressure, and even rally to $0.13 during the latest recovery of crypto prices.

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