Sunflower Land Launches Bumpkin Mint Hub Faster than Expected

Each player is limited to one account NFT, and now to mint a Bumpkin playable avatar.
  • Bumpkins offered a free mint the day after their launch.
  • Players edit their own character, which will be used during the Land Expansion stage.
  • Sunflower Land remains among top Polygon games with real account engagement.

Sunflower Land was planning to bring Bumpkin NFT in November but managed to reach the milestone sooner. Just days after showcasing its Bumpking editor, the feature was opened to players. 

Anyone can generate and mint a Bumpkin character, and the item will continue to evolve as it gets upgraded with clothing and accessories. Those equipable items will also bring another type of asset to the game, a Semi-Fungible Token. Players will produce clothes and items, which can be duplicated and sold to other players.

The NFT created are personalized and are accessible by connecting to Polygon with a MetaMask wallet. The Sunflower Land trend also boosted the usage of Polygon network, in addition to using and transferring the Farm NFT. 

The first day of the mint will be free, allowing all players to have a character with future utility. Once Sunflower Isles launch, owning a Bumpkin will be key to playing the game.

Sunflower Land remains the fourth most active game on Polygon. Even with the Bumpkin mint open, currently the game carries 3.91K players per day. Most interactions on Sunflower Land still happen within the game, where SFL tokens are swapped for rare items.

Sunflower Land Prepares for Next Stage

Sunflower Land just ended its Goblin Wars stage, and also adds new features to its sandbox version. A new mining resource has been teased, with no details on its utility yet. 

Sunflower Land remains one of the most active teams to reach out to the community and share their progress. The game is worth watching for additional free opportunities and giveaways, as the game nears its next stage. 

The game is also turning into one of the most successful Web3 models, as its rule is to have one account per person, for verified players. This leads to more engagement and growth, helping the game evolve from its early stage.

This approach made Sunflower Land more sustainable where other games lost their value or were strip-mined by bots.

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