Sunflower Land: Game’s Popularity Brings Scammers

  • Sunflower Land warns against following links in private chats or Telegram groups.
  • The game team only communicates through official channels.
  • Sunflower Land remains close to the top among Polygon apps.

Sunflower Land warned of multiple scams related to fake Telegram groups. The game team is transparent and only uses its official links. But impostors are claiming to be the support team for Sunflower Land, and are directly asking users to unlock their wallets. 

Sunflower Land always requires a wallet to mint a farm and play. There is no requirement to hold the game’s assets on the blockchain, but there is still danger that the wallet would be compromised for all other resources. 

Requests to unlock a wallet are the biggest risk for losing NFT items or crypto tokens. The biggest red flag are personal chats or groups with instructions that require unlocking a wallet or connecting to unofficial links. So far, no Sunflower Land resources have been reported missing. 

Sunflower Land assets have been minted by thousands of wallets, and farm NFT remain one of the busiest type of token on the Polygon network. However, the Sunflower Land brand is not among the most expensive NFT collections, with farms having a low floor price. 

In the past day, the game brought in 7.54K players based on smart contract interactions, and remains one of the top games on Polygon. The reason for the rally is the special 10-week event, the Goblin Wars, where two teams battle for resources. 

The Goblin Wars are already producing the rare Amulets with utility in growing crops.

Sunflower Land also relies on limited item sales, including cosmetic items and clothing. Most players use the in-game marketplace, where SLP buys items entirely off-chain.

Sunflower Land just completed a 10-week Cake challenge, with different Cakes crafted and appearing on the secondary market. The game thrives on adding new types of items and challenges, usually with a weekly time frame. 

The Sunflower Land team works on multiple game features, without a strict promise on implementing all of them on the main network. The next big expected update will be the Land Expansion, requiring Wood and Stone resources.

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