Sunflower Land: Now with More Chance for Mutated Chickens

Sunflower Land farms have almost reached their current max minting capacity of 150K NFTs.
  • Avatars coming to Sunflower Land, with upgradable Farmer characters.
  • Traveling salesman offers new resource trading mechanics.
  • Roosters increase the chance of hatching a Mutant Chicken.

Sunflower Land is adding another element to its gameplay – the rooster. A craftable in-game item, the rooster will raise the chance of bringing in a rare mutant chicken.

For now, Sunflower Land still expands with items, though there are multiple in-game mechanics coming in the future. Perhaps the biggest change in the game will be the Farmer character, being designed now. 

Farmers will be both an NFT and a playable persona within the game. As with other avatar-basesd games, the Farmers can be upgraded and grow with crafting and achievements. Farmer images have the goal of further growing the Sunflower Land brand and community.

Currently, farms resell between 0.047 and 0.0047 ETH. The game also has a $5 fixed fee in USDC to mint a new farm, as well as $1 for in-game withdrawals. Game collectible items are rarely resold on OpenSea, remaining stuck at a total of 134 NFT on offer. Most collectibles are just achievements or cosmetic items. 

Farmers have mostly used the in-game economy, where they can now sell grains to other farmers and support cake-crafting. Additionally, some resources can be traded through the newly introduced character, Traveling Salesman. Rare items are also a resource sink for minerals and crops.

Farm Count Remains Capped at 150K 

The game team is yet to announce another farm minting, so far limiting the accounts to 150K farms. Sunflower Land also punishes multi-accounting and attempted farm speculation, erasing some of the farms from re-trading and increasing scarcity.

Sunflower Land still coasts along with around 2.75K players, down from more than 20K at the game’s peak. Now, the game faces the challenge of extending its organic growth, after seeing its peak activity mostly related to farm minting. Currently, the game is falling toward being the seventh busiest app on Polygon.

SFL, the in-game token, stabilized around $0.14, with still almost no trading activity. The Sunflower Land Inventory tokens on the Polygon network also remain the top active digital asset for ERC-155 tokens.

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