Sunflower Land Brings New Cake Crafting Recipes

Sunflower Land remains a top Polygon game with extremely high NFT transfer rate.
  • Sunflower Land offers new crafting recipes to make more complex resources.
  • Beware banned NFT, farms may not allow access to game if coming from banned accounts.

Sunflower Land is on track with new weekly recipes, expanding its resource sinks. After introducing chicken and eggs gameplay, there are also cake recipes to craft.

Sunflower Land is still among top games on Polygon, lining up as the third busiest app. Players have minted almost 150K farm NFT, and their transfers are affecting the Polygon network. The game leads to more than 14K transactions per day, up 142% in the past 24 hours. 

Sunflower Land Driven by NFT

Sunflower Land Inventory, or the Farm NFT, remain the busiest NFT tokens on the Polygon network, surpassing Planet IX assets. The NFT activity compensates for the relatively low usage of the SFL native token, which has limited listings and withdrawals. 

NFT items command prices of around 1 ETH for the most rare ones, with farm cats on offer for 0.6 ETH. Farms have a big resale price range, with recent sales up to 0.95 ETH. However, the NFT swapping remains riskier as there is no guarantee for demand. Additionally, the team may add new farms soon, increasing the supply.

Some of the farms also display banned status, not allowing access to the game. Sunflower Land has attempted to control its players and avoid bots over-producing items. This raises another risk on OpenSea, where some of the farms may come from multi-account players. 

The best approach is to wait out another mint and build a farm from the new supply. In the future, Sunflower Land will expand its land to create endless worlds.

SFL itself remains volatile, sinking to $0.16 in the past week after a peak above $0.26. The asset is mostly dependent on QuickSwap trading pairs, and may be seeing attempts from players to cash out. 

The game remains highly busy even with the new fee structure, which denominates fees in dollar equivalent to offset the MATIC price fluctuation. MATIC has recovered to $0.53, up more than 33% in a day, though the asset recently dipped under $0.40. Sunflower Land expanded while MATIC was still trading above $1.50, leaving the game struggling with sinking fee revenues.

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