Sunflower Land: On Track to Even Greater Popularity

Sunflower Land started the slow, organic creation of SFL tokens, the reward for selling farmed sunflowers.
  • Game rises to the second most used app on Polygon network.
  • SFL token with no premine, organically created by game, higher rewards for early players.
  • Game supports 50 types of rare NFT items.

Sunflower Land, the rebranded version of Sunflower Farmer, is on track to become one of the great return stories of 2022. After a slow grass-roots start and an exploit that crashed the game, Sunflower Land is back with a more restrictive approach to the game. 

Sunflower Land took just a day to climb from the fourth busiest game on Polygon to the third most visited app and second-most-popular game. With more than 22.5K visitors, Sunflower Land has gone from zero to being played more than Pegaxy, Mobox, Axie Infinity and other leading games. 

Sunflower Land is now only second to Crazy Defense Heroes, the tower defense game, which has more than 30K players in 24 hours. 

The game holds one of the most appealing recipes of NFT farming – an engaging casual game with visible results. Sunflower Land also started off as a grass-roots game with no marketing, but quickly attracted the attention of the NFT community. Now, the relaunch has shown many players were itching to rejoin. 

How SFL Earnings are Distributed

Early reports show the new SFL token will be distributed slowly, leading to listings and trading. Until the relaunch, the SFF token was used for rewards with very limited liquidity.

SFL will be one of the rare P2E tokens with no pre-mine. The only source of token creation will be the game. Early farmers will get the best price when selling a Sunflower farmed in the game, and adding more players will diminish the price of resources. 

The game may also evolve over time with different NFT items and upgrades, to soak up some of the SFL generated by farming.

The new SFL token will be accrued off-game, and players will have to pay 0.1 MATIC to synch their balance and send the tokens to a wallet where they control the private keys. Additionally, players will be able to buy or craft up to 50 rare NFT items, including the legendary Golden Egg. This will additionally diminish the supply of SFL tokens.

At a later stage, the game team plans to build a governance DAO and a decentralized exchange, encouraging liquidity providers to give value to SFL.

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