Sunflower Land: Open Beta Spots Taken Fast

Sunflower Land invites Discord users for an open beta with limited farm minting spots.
  • New SFL token mined as in-game asset.
  • Only 100K spots available for Discord community, account verification required for game participation.
  • Sunflower Land displaces Pegaxy as top 4 Polygon game.

Sunflower Land launched its open beta version on April 7 as promised, setting up an initial 100,000 playing slots. 

Within the first hours of the launch, players minted 500K new SFL tokens and created 14,000 farms. Sunflower Land, the relaunch of Sunflower Farmer, essentially restarted its tokenomics and resource gameplay.

Players will need to connect to the Discord channel of Sunflower Land and verify their account on the website. To join the game, a donation of minimum 1 MATIC token is needed, as well as gas for fees. Sunflower Land is compatible with MetaMask wallet set up to the Polygon network. 

The new SFL token is not displaying market information yet. The listed SFF asset only has limited trading after the game stopped due to bots abusing its item creation mechanism.

Even at the very start of the open beta, Sunflower Land registered 11.4K users based on DappRadar on-chain data. The return of players is showing why Sunflower Farmer was at one point the busiest NFT farming game on the Polygon network. 

Sunflower Land even displaced Pegaxy from its usual peak positions and in a single day became the fourth most used game on Polygon, with a turnover above 18K MATIC tokens.

Will Sunflower Land See Organic Growth

Sunflower Land started small with almost no specific marketing and an organically growing community. A few months into the game, NFT enthusiasts also flooded the space. 

The game also attracted the creation of bots that minted unlimited farms, at a time when the initial game fee was just 0.1 MATIC. The bots then minted infinite iron pickaxes, which also tanked the price of gold, one of the game’s key resources. 

Now, the game has limited participation and farm minting, expecting to create a curated tokenized economy and avoid most automated gameplay through user verification.

Off to a rough start, Sunflower Land may be the one casual game that gains significant popularity in 2022. NFT farming games like Mobox and to an extend Crabada are among the most active and so far manage to balance their reward schedule.

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