Sunflower Land Opens Slots for Legacy Sunflower Farmers Players

Sunflower Land attracts more than 45K users, remaining the top Polygon game app.
  • SFL token minting arrives on May 9, expecting listings and liquidity.
  • The rewards on Sunflower Land will be cut by half for some crops and craftable items, to reduce SFL inflation.
  • 102K farms minted and offered on OpenSea.

Sunflower Land is expanding its initial 100K player slots reserved for Discord users. Now, new extra game slots will be available for Sunflower Farmers, if they mint their new farms before May 4.

Sunflower Farmers was the first casual farming game iteration of Sunflower Land. The first game expanded organically, before inviting NFT enthusiasts. This led to the discovery of a potential mining exploit and bot-fueled item crafting which broke the game’s economy. Sunflower Farmers shut down its servers for months, and reopened as Sunflower Land on April 7.

Sunflower Land Still Near the Top Spots

After its initial start, Sunflower Land only took a few weeks to climb among leading games, attracting thousands of players. As of April 27, the game logged 45.2K users in a single day, becoming the number one game on Polygon.

More than 100K new farms were minted in the span of three weeks, with additional NFT rare items crafted. So far, most of the items are needed in the game, though they can be resold. Crafting opened on April 15. 

SFL Rewards to Become More Scarce

The next stage for Sunflower Land arrives on May 9, when the SFL token will be minted. Afterward, it may take some time for the new asset to gain trading action and liquidity. The previous SFF token has no value and was only traded for a short time.

Sunflower Land also invites players to act fast and play as much as possible, since gaining SFL tokens in exchange for resources will become more difficult with time. This technique, somewhat resembling the halving of the BTC block reward, will ensure some control over the supply of crops and items.

Other games have a flat production curve, leading to bloated supply for their reward token. Sunflower Land will have to show its model is more viable, after players are able to sell their SFL for money.

The game shows social media popularity from real players, but there are also signs some of the crops are raised and harvested by newly created automation bots.

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