Sunflower Land Opens Special NFT Creation Event

Sunflower Land plans to build marketplace to avoid a riskier Farmers’ Market on Discord.

Sunflower Land continues to show signs of wide adoption and success. The game is now the number one dApp on the Polygon network and is among the top 10 most active dApps of all blockchains.

Sunflower Land has now opened a special event to craft a basket NFT item and collect Easter eggs. Players must craft a basket and find all seven colors of eggs. The eggs can then be used to craft a special edition Easter Bunny NFT that will give players a boost in growing carrots. Players have already managed to mint the Bunny and show productivity effects for their carrot farming.

The game registers more than 54K players per day, once again getting ahead even of Pegaxy. Enthusiasm for Sunflower Land will only rise as the new SFL token is released on May 9. 

Sunflower Land Goes for NFT Boom

Sunflower Land is also moving up the ranks on OpenSea, with several types of listed items. There are now 100,004 farms listed, just 11 days after the game’s launch. The farms belong to 96.6K players that did the listing, indicating there may not be a mass automated minting of farms.

Soon after the introduction of crafting mechanics, the first craftable items appeared. Collectibles already reached a trading volume of more than 96 ETH. The items still have a wide range of prices, with recent high sales at 0.37 ETH. 

Sunflower Land still has relatively small direct payout. But the farming and crafting mechanics have become sufficiently attractive to players to boost early adoption. In less than two weeks, Sunflower Land lined up among top P2E games, renewing its initial appeal. 

To boost NFT trading, Discord users started to connect directly for crafted items. But the community also warned to wait for an official marketplace. Discord remains risky, as legitimate resales could be mixed with scam offers. 

All NFT crafted in the game can have both resale value and usefulness within the game. This way, accrued SFL rewards may go toward faster progress and more rare items.

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