Sunflower Land Crafting is Now Live: How This Changes the Game

Sunflower Land prepares for SFL launch on May 9.

Players can store beetroots, eggs and diamonds for a chance to grab surprise NFT sales.

Sunflower Land is now ready with game crafting, opening up even more complex scenarios. Item building is one of the sinks for the SFL in-game token. Sunflower Land is one of the games delivering on its deadlines on time, offering a simple yet addictive game model with NFT farming.

Sunflower Land immediately went for the one source of immediate income – farm minting. Within a week of its launch, the number of farms grows by more than 10K new NFTs per day, even with initial user slots capped at 100K registered users on the Sunflower Farm Discord channel.

Sunflower Land reached more than 28.9K users per day, catching up to the 42.2K users for Crazy Defense Heroes. At this rate of growth, the NFT farming game may turn into a leader on the Polygon protocol. The game’s success is visible while its native reward token, SFL, is not yet relaunched for trading. 

Sunflower Land also has a small market for collectibles and exclusive items. An NFT of a Christmas tree, highly popular at the end of 2021, is on offer for 0.9 ETH. Cosmetic or useful items are yet to be created and swapped. 

How the Sunflower Land Economy Starts Working

Sunflower Land takes time to produce the crops and raw materials, which can then be upgraded and crafted. Burning gold, iron, stone and wood is the mechanism for creating higher level items. Players also can stockpile on beetroots, eggs and diamonds, which can be used to grab surprise exclusive items. 

The Sunflower Farm economy thus spans several classes of assets – with farms trading at 0.002 ETH floor price. The game thus offers several earnings strategies. Sunflower Farm still faces the next challenge of avoiding bot-driven play or another exploit that will strip-mine the game and crash the price of either SFL tokens or NFTs.

As of April 15, there are signs players already use bots, such as this planting bot to boost potato farming to save on the tedious work of raising and harvesting. Potatoes are a basic resource in the game and can be absorbed by crafting, but the game may be open to other bot attempts which may skew the tokenomics.

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