Sunflower Land: Second from the Top on Polygon with 30K Farms Minted

Sunflower Land fosters scarcity with time lags for crops and resources.

More than 57K players joined the game, more than 22.5K players per day joined this Monday.

SFL token already accrues in user balances for in-game payments, but with no listings.

Game offers multiple strategies for crops, animal raising, gold mining and player skills.

Just five days after its relaunch, Sunflower Land has established itself as the second busiest game on Polygon. Sunflower Land displaced Pegaxy and even the newly launched Aavegotchi Metaverse is yet to catch up. 

Sunflower Land attracted 20.25K users on Monday, but its relaunch onboarded as many as 57K total users. This user base is built organically from the game’s early origin, and has shown the success of building a P2E game from scratch.

Sunflower Land does not yet have seasons, and has attracted players mostly with appealing idle play and the potential for scarcity and a balanced economy to allow the creation of value through grinding. This time, the registration process precludes the participation of bots.

In just a couple of days, Sunflower Land registered 30K minted farms for users that decided to generate the NFT asset. The new exclusive launch limited to Discord signups is quickly filling up. The game is also building up its OpenSea presence.

So far, Sunflower Land reached 5.5 ETH in trades, with items still at 0.002 ETH floor price. Some farms are on offer for above 1,300 ETH, but those prices are anomalous. The NFT resales are one of the first sources of revenue for the game, with more than 57.1K owners. 

The SFL native token is being earned in the game, but is not yet launched and traded. For now, it is uncertain how the token will be traded and what listings it would gain. At the least, the game may rely on a DEX and liquidity supplied by the community. 

How the Game Economy Works

SFL is accrued in gamer balances and can be spent within the game. Sunflower Land uses scarcity and takes a long time to unlock new crops or grow enough crops for upgrades. The goblin gameplay is part of the scarcity mechanism. There is little incentive to dump SFL, as the token is needed in the game to purchase items, seeds, upgrades and to compete for rare NFTs.

Crafting items to feed the goblins unlocks crops in the game. The map also contains gold, a rare and valuable resource, along with crops and an in-game shop, offering multiple game strategies. Assets and crops take many hours to recover, adding to the scarcity, with more complexity expected in the future.

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