Sunflower Land: Still Not Out of Maintenance Mode

Sunflower Land, an up and coming game, suffered an exploit and is still in maintenance mode. All NFTs and SFF tokens must stop trading until game relaunch.

Sunflower Land, a game that exploded on the play to earn stage with significant popularity, has not given signs of returning from maintenance mode. The game team decided to stop logging achievements and items as of January 7 after a bot exploit was noted. SFF was hit hard, as it was just gaining traction as one of the most well-liked new arrivals in play to earn.

The game community now awaits the game’s relaunch with new metaverse features. But the game will only relaunch based on a blockchain snapshot, and will not count any new sunflowers or SFF tokens gained after January 7. 

The reason for this is that the game was attacked by bots farming directly by calling the smart contract, and having an unfair advantage over real players. 

Sunflower Land, built on Polygon network, had the makings of an addictive growing game, complete with SFF token rewards. The team has not given up on the game and plans to introduce user-made metaverse items once fair play resumes. 

What Happens to SFF Token

Despite taking down the actual game, the SFF smart contract production continues, and there are some signs the tokens may be sent to exchanges and sold. 

SFF, for now, is rather illiquid and depends on decentralized exchange QuickSwap for most of its volumes. Daily trading hovers around $85,000 and for now, the token is extremely volatile. 

SFF started trading just at the start of 2022, climbing to a peak above $5.15 for a brief period. Since then, SFF has erased most of its value down to $0.07. 

Old SFF to be Scrapped

One of the reasons for the deep loss is that for SFF, buying at these prices will make no difference. Sunflower Land has made a snapshot and plans to relaunch balances. Any SFF bought outside the snapshot will not be valid in the new game. 

This means any trading for SFF is residual and the coming weeks will see an asset relaunch. NFT trading for game items will also lead to losses, as only balances and items before the exploit would be counted in the new game. The reason for this is that bots also took over the iron pickaxe production mechanism, overproducing the item.

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