Sunflower Land to Drop Buds NFT Collection

Sunflower Land expands its social element, where players can meet in the Town Square and use or sell their NFT.
  • Buds were distributed in the game, and will have a public OpenSea mint on Tuesday.
  • The new NFT will have a lifetime in-game utility.
  • Sunflower Land keeps adding new items and perks for regular players.

This Tuesday, Sunflower Land is dropping a new NFT collection with in-game utility. The Buds announcement arrived on Monday, 24 hours before the launch. The new NFT sale is scheduled for September 26, 08:00 PST.

The Buds are pets attached to each farmer, which will turbocharge production of regular and rare items. The NFT will have immediate in-game utility, as well as standard rarity during the mint.

Until recently, the Buds were available from in-game trading, and could be bought with SFL tokens. Sunflower Land still tries to use SFL assets within the game, to buy advancements and reinvest into the farm. SFL remains important, but with limited external trading.

The new NFT mint will go through OpenSea, and will be a competitive event with a first-come-first-serve organization. Usually, Sunflower Land keeps its NFT in the game, so the OpenSea mint is an exception. Buds will have a constant utility, unlocking more content and perks for owners as the game progresses.

During the whole week, Sunflower Land will also continue with a mint marathon, with many opportunities to grab items early.

Sunflower Land remained a top Polygon game and retained a strong user base in both the bull and bear markets. 

Sunflower Land Rewards Regular Players

Sunflower Land continues to offer in-game events and items for regular players. New items are appearing both during and between playable seasons. The items are also tradable through the game’s recently introduced social features.

Sunflower Land now aims for a mix of in-game NFT trading and OpenSea representation. 

In addition to the mints, the items will have an official reveal after they land into players’ wallets. The reveal may boost the trading in the short term. 

NFT reveals are one of the hot sources of earnings even during the bear market. During the reveal, the rarity of the items becomes known, sparking fast trades for the lucky holders. Sunflower Land NFT thus may become one of the hot traded collections during the high-profile events.

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