Sunflower Land Token SFL: What to Expect from Trading

Sunflower Land counts fewer users in the past week, still plans upgrades and special items.
  • SFL still trades with low volumes on QuickSwap, launching on a day of general market panic.
  • Sunflower Land logs more than 3K daily users.
  • Goblins gain more importance in game, with crafting and stealing items.

Sunflower Land launched its native token, SFL and the asset is already making its first steps in trading. SFL is still very volatile and launched on a day when crypto markets went through a series of crashes. 

But for Sunflower Land, there is now an option to measure the game’s success in dollar terms. SFL trades on QuickSwap, a Polygon decentralized exchange. Trading is still basic, with volumes around $225K, in three trading pairs. MATIC is one of the sources of liquidity for SFL, as well as stablecoins USDT and USDC.

Currently, it may be highly risky to provide liquidity for SFL, and the token may lose most of its value. SFL has been accruing in player wallets since April 7, with nearly 120K potential wallets. The user count is based on farm creation and migration, showing the game’s growth on the blockchain. 

Sunflower Economy Keeps Moving

Even in unfavorable market conditions, the Sunflower Land in-game economy is trying to be viable based on rarity and time constraints. Goblins are the key game mechanic for crafting, and this time, the asset in focus is gold, iron and stone. 

Producing higher level items and advancing in the game is a goal in its own right. There is only a small market for collectibles, but those may also be exchanged for game advancements. 

Sunflower Land activity also slowed down significantly in the past few days, from above 30K users down to around 3,300. After the initial farm airdrop, some may have lost interest. The game is still in a play-and-earn stage, where SFL and NFT item earnings are incidental, and the ecosystem has a very low monetized balance.

Goblins are also a mechanism to increase scarcity, as a new mechanic has been added for stealing tools. 

The game also has an open-world element where players can discover exclusive items, such as a jeweled sword. Sunflower Land will also run special crafting events to boost engagement. The farming and resource model has turned into one of the successful elements of P2E, with variants appearing in Mobox games.

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