Sunflower Land to Offer New Mineral Resources on May 29

Sunflower Land aims to generate organic gameplay with limited farm creation slots.
  • New items with chicken farming and egg crafting coming in June.
  • SFL still trades on almost negligible volumes, market price not a reliable indicator.
  • Sunflower Land attracts more than 21K players, remaining top game on Polygon.

Sunflower Land set the date for the new batch of resources and craftable items, this time based on minerals mining. The items will be a mix of decorative farm features and NFT that also give in-game advantages.

The mineral resources arrived on time as promised by the recently released roadmap. The next milestone will be chickens and all craftable items and weekly challenges related to them. 

The new recipes will be unlocked in a few days, while the game expanded its playing field with new slots. Sunflower Land is closing in on its second month after restarting the main game, and is already the leading game on Polygon Network. 

Sunflower Land hosts 21.15K users, and is among the busiest P2E games despite the general outflow of players. It is still early to note if the Sunflower Land model is viable, as the SFL token has only traded for a short time. 

SFL retreated to $0.18 after a recent rally above $0.27. SFL only touched $0.38 at the start of trading. The game has a mechanism to diminish SFL production with time. Still, SFL trading has very low liquidity and short-term price action can be unpredictable. The token only relies on QuickSwap activity and the current valuation may not hold with widespread selling from players. Currently, Sunflower Land is a game played almost solely for in-game prizes, despite having a P2E token component. 

Sunflower Land farm generation is currently at around 140K items, which reflect the slots given limto Discord users, legacy users and newly invited users. In the future, the game will aim to offer limitless land to players, to avoid the need for multi-accounting. 

Items from Sunflower Land are still kept in the game and rarely resold. The in-game store also uses up SFL without the need to withdraw. The game still grants bots access, but for trivial tasks such as harvesting. The team aimed to make the game played by real users as much as possible.

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