Tap Fantasy Partners with Hot Gaming Hub Gametaverse

Tap Fantasy offers a mix of exploration in a metaverse environment and competitive challenges or game bosses.
  • Tap Fantasy is a completed game with a P2E component and rewards based on Binance Smart Chain.
  • The game will connect to the Gametaverse family of mini-games.
  • Tap Fantsy is just days away from its third season with special weekly missions.

Tap Fantasy is joining the Gametaverse mix of games, becoming a part of one of the most visited Web3 hubs. Tap Fantasy is the tokenized and P2E version of the Tap Tap Fantasy game available for Web2 users. 


Gameta is one of the most visited gaming projects, based on a selection of mini-games and partners. Gameta is based on Solana and BSC and is usually among the top 3 of games based on smart contract activity. With a steady inflow of users, the partnership may boost Tap Fantasy. 

Tap Fantasy is a mix of MMORPG and a metaverse idle game. Players can play and explore or meet and chat with other players, while also facing challenges and game bosses.

Tap Fantasy Prepares for New Season

Tap Fantasy is a completed game and has already finished two active playing seasons. The third seasonal edition will arrive on October 20, and to mark the event, Tap Fantasy is organizing a giveaway on Gleam.

The game will offer a leaderboard reward schedule and an extra lucky draw reward for completing social media tasks. 


The game’s seasons offer special weekly challenges and pre-announced TAP token rewards. The seasonal and weekly activity boosts the player count of Tap Fantasy, with somewhere between 100 and 200 on-chain interactions with the game’s smart contracts. That number may translate into even more app-based free plays. The game has more than 10K downloads on Google Play and more on Apple’s App Store and Facebook Gaming.

Tap Fantasy is an international game, but with special focus on the Japanese market and other Southeast Asian gaming hubs. The game is not entirely P2E, with most of the rewards given on a competitive basis.

Tap Fantasy is one of the new Web3 games choosing Binance Smart Chain, making the game potentially liquid. The TAP token trades at $0.008, down from a starting level around $0.08. TAP gained listings on Bybit and Gate.IO, and has a decentralized pair on Pancake Swap.

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