Tap Fantasy: Hot Web3 Game Opens New Competitive Season with Rewards and Airdrops

Tap Fantasy is a Web3 version of an existing game, with more players choosing NFT and tokens since October.
  • Tap Fantasy is expanding its users with token and NFT options.
  • The game offers minor airdrops, as well as larger events and giveaways.
  • Football-themed event will run in the next month with 3K USDC prize pool.

Tap Fantasy, the Web3 version of an already popular mobile game, is again rising to the top. This time, players can join a new active competitive session with NFT and token airdrops. Now, Tap Fantasy has a new football-themed set of tasks on Gleam, for a prize pool of 3,000 USDT. 


Tap Fantasy offers a complete game with regular airdrops and special perks. In addition to the football event, Tap Fantasy is also offering an ongoing airdrop and bonus token event within the game, running until November 30. 


To make the most of the games, players must also install the latest patch. Currently, Tap Fantasy has reached more than 50K downloads on Google Play, becoming one of the successful games combining mainstream access with NFT items and tokenization. 


With the newest version and additional game rewards, Tap Fantasy registers 1.68K players per day, which are interacting with the game’s smart contracts. Tap Fantasy is game-first and offers a free experience, but the token options have been used more heavily since October. 

Tap Fantasy Offers NFT, Token Options

The game’s tokenization is also not only intended for cashing out, but also for buying cosmetic items and upgrading avatar pictures. Tap Fantasy also has small-scale airdrops almost daily and is one of the games worth watching for opportunities to upgrade.

Tap Fantasy is also in the top 30 of Binance Smart Chain games, and has even issued a TAP token. Like other game assets at this time, TAP is near its lower range at $0.005. The asset still works as a tool to advance in the game.

The increased interest in the game is also boosting some of the playable NFT, with asking prices as high as 260 BNB. The lowest price for newly listed playable Heroes is 6 BUSD. The active marketplace shows that in a game with multiple free players, some will still pick the option to own and compete for TAP tokens.

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