What is Move-to-Earn: The Real-World Data Game Model With NFT Perks

Fitness tracker apps are the basis for move-to-earn games with tokenized rewards, NFT collectibles and badges.

No matter how smart a tokenomics system, each play to earn game needs an engine, an activity to create value. In most cases, this is the virtual world of the game. But tokenization can stretch to anything, and blockchain projects have always attempted to connect to the real world. 

Enter move-to-earn, where the simple activity of walking or jogging can be tokenized. Digital movement tracking apps are already widespread and adopted by many. Move-to-earn builds on that model, awarding tokens and NFT items instead of badges. The addictive nature of the apps, with milestones and achievements, translates into a new model for blockchain apps. 

Move-to-earn also expands the potential of geotagged NFTs, which take their gist from Pokemon Go. Blockchains already have the infrastructure for oracles based on real world data, and geolocation would be a tool to unlock token rewards of various forms. 

Move-to-Earn is Just Starting Out

The move-to-earn trend is very new, with games arriving as late as April 2022. Perhaps the most prominent project is STEPN (GMT), which gained prominent listings and a place among top 50 crypto assets. Many new games are also arriving, building their model on geotagged walking, jogging or biking. 

Finding Move-to-Earn Games

This new type of game is getting more widely available. Beyond STEPN, which is still in closed beta testing phase, there are other finished or upcoming games. 

The advantage of move-to-earn games is most are ready with their apps, giving an immediate reward for stepping outside. 

Recent projects include: 

Not all move-to-earn apps have the same focus. With multiple fitness data available, apps can focus on calories burned, distance, speed, personal and community records, as well as other fitness goals. 

Move-to-earn adds a layer of complexity to NFTs as well. Sports-themed items, trainers and other perks can be unlocked within the games and exchanged for real-world value. The potential to upgrade and repair the NFT or earn badges will keep the economy turning. Games like STEPN also have a dual economic model, combining staking and an inflationary token that can buy upgrades.

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