The Harvest Game Doubles Down on NFT Art

The Harvest Game will offer a free entry point into a MOBA world with team-based missions.
  • The Harvest Game is open for early access and the potential to earn exclusive NFT.
  • The game is still in the alpha stage, but offers a detailed world with PvP mode coming soon.
  • The Harvest Game still has no official token and limited NFT mints.

The Harvest Game is an Alpha-stage MOBA game with an added blockchain dimension. The project is still early, and is currently testing out its art and functionalities. The Harvest Game aims to bring multiple players through a free entry point, though with added NFT. 

The game is now at a stage of doubling down on its character skins and NFT art, boosting its social media presence and appeal.

The Harvest Game starts with a team of four players, whose goal is to use their special powers in the open world and hunt down Essence. 

The Harvest Game is currently trying to build up its user base, opening registration for the first 30K users. Early whitelist participants will be able to test the game in closed beta, while also receiving NFT items. 

The game is also currently selling its O’Ree-Jin collection, with a tentative floor price of $98, but the potential to acquire cards at a much lower price. The game and its assets are based on Binance Smart Chain and use the Binance NFT trading ecosystem. The Harvest Game still has no official token. 

The game’s full release is expected to come in early 2023, while an open beta may launch as early as October 2022. In the meantime, The Harvest Game will add new character NFT and cosmetic items such as skins. Later, an NFT-based season pass will also be added to the character, skin and playable card NFT.

The Harvest Game Introduces Soulbound Tokens

The Harvest Game is one of the few P2E projects to introduce the soul-bound token standard. Soulbound tokens are non-transferable, non-fungible records on the blockchain, which verify a user’s identity.

The BAB token owners thus have an even more secure in-game identity that cannot be erased. The token can store all the achievements and features of a player, as well as credentials for the game. The game’s soul tokens are not a tool to monetize the account’s value, as they only signify one game profile.

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