The Harvest Game Reaches Open Beta Stage

The Harvest Game is a third-person shooter with a futuristic space-themed setting.
  • The Harvest Game is an AAA-grade MOBA with team-based matches.
  • The current version is an early open beta, with additions coming in the next few months.
  • Free-to-play version available, with multiple types of NFT on sale on BNB Chain and Solana.

The Harvest Game, a long-awaited MOBA, reached its open beta stage this January. To celebrate its launch, the game will have a week of special prizes running until January 6.

The game will be offered for download on Steam, further adding to its high visibility in the past few days. The Harvest Game has been trending based on its social media hype, aiming to boost its player count with a space-themed 3D immersive game. Currently, the download is through the game’s official website, and only the final version will be open on Steam after Q2, based on the game’s roadmap.

The Harvest Game will see its version 2.0 release in March, and build additional content in Q2, with more skins, skills and other features.

The Harvest Game Builds Award-Winning Metaverse

The Harvest Game is one of the most stunning metaverses, similar to Star Atlas, CyBorne, Ev.IO and other AAA-grade immersive space-themed games. Players have a third-person view of their equipped avatar, and explore resource-rich planets, or fly through outer space. 

Teams must collect Essence, and the team with the most Essence at the end of the match wins. Teams can also loot each other’s base for Essence, and players must play bost offense and defense. They can move through the planet physically or through portals back to the home base.

The Harvest Game is also released with immediately available open beta, where four teams of three compete in a time-limited, 10-minute match. Teams select the best Breachers – or Heroes of several classes, and augment their actions with strategic cards. The initial stage of Harvest will undergo additional changes before an update some time in 2023. Currently, players can only try out the early access version, which will lack some of the features in the final game. 

Harvest will have multiple types of NFT, including ability, companion cards, skins, and calling cards. The game will start out as free to play, though cards are available on Binance NFT, and Solana-based mystery boxes are also on sale, starting at 1.79 SOL.

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