Arena of Faith Prepares for Testing in July, Expanding to 50-Player MOBA in 2023

Arena of Faith is currently in early testing and has a referral program for passive income, as well as a daily check-in challenge.
  • Arena of Faith will be a BNB-chain game, currently offering referrals and passive earnings.
  • Battles with up to 50 players are expected by the end of 2023, with AI behavior assistanec.
  • Players must transform earnings into equipment, then trade it on the secondary NFT market to monetize its value.

Arena of Faith is a MOBA battle game, which offers both free access and potential for P2E. The game is offering a soft launch alpha, with more testing coming in July. 

Arena of Faith relies on team-based challenges, where teams face each other and try to destroy the opponent’s Crystal. Beyond the main gameplay, all participants can also choose to own their equipment as NFT, and resell it on the secondary market. 

The game will run on BNB Chain, and has already started its process of distributing assets by offering a social media challenge. Before joining, players must own a wallet and 10 USDT on BNB Chain, which may be a barrier to some potential players.

However, Arena of Faith will also prepare a free version and open access in the upcoming tests.

Arena of Faith is open for download and will run a series of tests with up to 20 playable Heroes. In the coming months, the goal is to expand the MOBA component to a total of 50 Heroes and integrate skins. Players will be able to form guilds and other groups, and Arena of Faith will also offer tools for organizing events.

Players can pick from Fighters or Mages from the list of Heroes, with different personalities and abilities. Skins and equipment can be added to personalize each battle. Arena of Faith will also add AI functions to the game.

Arena of Faith Offers an Equipment-Based Economy

Arena of Faith aims to make earnings require deeper integration in the game, instead of mindless grinding. Players earn in-game Gold, and must strategically use it for armor and equipment. The equipment helps win more matches, and can be monetized if not needed. 

Currently, Arena of Faith is also distributing in-game Diamonds, while also running a referral program with the goal of limiting bots.

Arena of Faith will also run additional Hot Activities, including Mystery Box NFT and ongoing Diamond Quests. Each player will also have a hashrate based on diamonds earned, which will be converted into $AOF tokens.

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