Cyborne Web3 FPS Trends with Immersive Metaverse and Tournaments

Cyborne is a multi-chain game tokenized with BLOCKS and possibly OMNIA tokens, as well as potential for swaps and long-term ownership.
  • Cyborne is a FPS with a complex urban enviromnent and fast sessions.
  • OmniaVerse adds Cyborne to its collection of games, with tokens on Apex blockchain.
  • Cyborne is compatible with other OmniaVerse NFT characters.

Cyborne has been one of the trending games, while offering a completed metaverse experience in its beta version. Cyborne will be part of the OmniaVerse gaming network, aiming for wider adoption on Web3 projects, and will use ApexChain as its secure blockchain.

Cyborne’s looks and mechanics are inspired by Fortnite and similar games, achieving popularity with more than 100K downloads of the Android version. Unlike earlier offers of P2E, Cyborne adds to the list of highly skilled dynamic games, along with MetaWarz, Undead Blocks and other shooter metaverses.

Cyborne Becomes Part of OmniaVerse and Apex Chain Ecosystem

Cyborne is a multi-platform game, offering several finished versions. The game is tokenized with BLOCK, the token of the OmniaVerse project, and will be free-to-earn, not requiring an initial purchase or NFT ownership. 

The game has been live for about six weeks, already launching its first playable season from December 17. The typical playing session of battle and survival lasts for a few minutes. The game has already established global access servers and a completed game with keyboard controls. 

The rich 3D urban world of Cyborne is also compatible with other NFT collections. Blockverse Warriors, part of the OmniaVerse collection of NFT, are also playable within Cyborne. 

Cyborne offers urban missions with a classic FPS look and realistic characters, aiming for success levels similar to Ev.IO or Delysium. Despite the tokenization, Cyborne aims to be a game-first project with wide access. 

BLOCK is also a relatively new token, launched a few months back. Cyborne’s tokenization is on several blockchains, with the latest being the Apex network. Apex is specifically created for speed and use in gaming, and adds to the access to Ethereum and BSC. Cyborne relies on a dedicated blockchain team offering multiple features to transfer and store assets safely. 

OmniaVerse also does not stop with Cyborne, and will also offer a collection of simple and idle games to boost the outreach of real Web3 products. 

All games can also connect with OMNIA tokens and gain from the additional liquidity. The Sphynx marketplace will also carry toe Cyborne NFT characters, as well as other OmniaVerse collections.

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